Zagreb Stadium

Zagreb FC Stadium is located in the street named after the Croatian poet Silvije Strahimir Kranjčević, known in Zagreb as Kranjčevićeva Street. For this reason, the players of Zagreb FC are called “Poets” or “Players from the Poet’s Street”.

The stadium owes its present form to an accident. On November 29 1977, a fire devastated the west end of the stadium. Since then, the stadium has gone through different modifications, but a larger part of it was built for the 1987 Universiade in Zagreb.

The stadium is comprised of two stands: the west stand with 3850 seats, along with the VIP and press sections. The east stand with 5000 standing places for the away supporters. The stadium can host daytime and night matches, thanks to floodlights which were installed 3 days before the match between Zagreb FC and Osijek FC on August 8 2008.

The stadium holds a circular bicycle track on which competitions are held. One of the significant dates in the stadium’s history is the first military parade of the Croatian National Guard, comprised of police and army members, on May 28 1991. This date marks the creation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia.