Did you know that Zagreb has its very own "Zagreb Sea"? This sea is in actuality Lake Jarun, located in the western part of the city. Jarun is also the name of the city's neighborhood next to the lake, best known for its rowing course. It is difficult to imagine today that Jarun was once a swamp and that it was not developed until the 1980s when it was turned into a modern sports and recreation center for the needs of the Universiade.

Today, Jarun sports and recreation center covers 240 hectares, about a third of which is covered by water surfaces. The center comprises a 2250-meter long regatta track and two lakes (the Great and Small Lake) as well as six islands, four of which are connected to the mainland by bridges. Active athletes and recreationists can enjoy numerous sports fields (football, basketball, volleyball, beach soccer and beach handball, bocce, badminton, mini golf, hanging bowling, skate park, table tennis, garden chess, pool for non-swimmers, trim trails…). Jarun is also a sort of "open-air sports museum" with the Walk of Fame of great Croatian athletes who have achieved exceptional success in sports.

In May of 2021, the FISA World Rowing Cup was held at the regatta course for the very first time, gathering the world's best rowing crews from 27 countries. Usually, it is here that rowers, kayakers and canoeists train and hold competitions, including the Sinković brothers, winners of multiple Olympic medals as well as world and European rowing champions. The course was designed in accordance with highest standards and is considered one of the best in the world. In addition, the Great Lake provides the opportunity to train and compete in competitive sailing and windsurfing. Furthermore, Jarun is also home to swimming marathons, athletics and cycling races and many other activities.

Interestingly, the area of Jarun is a habitat of diverse fauna, with 130 species of birds and 29 species of fish, with the latter making the lake an ideal place for fishermen. Jarun is particularly loved by walking enthusiasts and recreational runners, rollerbladers and cyclists. Namely, the lake is surrounded by a trail of about 6 kilometers, intended for everyday recreational activities.

In the summer, going to Jarun definitely includes visiting one of its five pebble beaches, with a total length of about 2,500 meters. During the summer months, the water temperature is a very pleasant 24 ºC. You can swim safely here since the cleanliness of the beaches and purity of water is checked regularly, which is certified by the international Blue Flag ecolabel (the lakes also provide rescue teams and a medical service). Also, the beach on Trešnjevka Island is accessible to persons with disabilities (wheelchair access ramp).

Adding to the idyllic atmosphere of the Great and Small Lake, spacious meadows and shady woodlands offer 20 gazebos with barbecues. There are outdoor toilets nearby (adapted to persons with disabilities), as well as outdoor showers on the beaches. In short, Jarun is the perfect place for a quality active all-day stay with numerous facilities in a natural environment, where a visitor to the city can experience an authentic Zagreb excursion destination. Visitors can also spend their evening here, for a night out in one of the many cafes, restaurants and nightclubs.

One of Jarun's biggest attractions is the INmusic festival, the largest open-air music festival in Croatia, which takes place in late June on the Jarun Youth Island. The festival,  with three big and several small stages, lasts three days and regularly  gathers the best pop-rock performers from around the world. In addition to locals from Zagreb, the festival attracts an international audience, whose members mostly stay in the nearby festival camp. Notably, the National Geographic Traveler ranked the INmusic festival among the "three world festivals to visit" and the American Huffington Post among the "10 best festivals in the world" (the festival was also ranked highly by travel portals such as Lonely Planet, Global Grasshopper and Travel Freak). Who knows, perhaps one of the visitors will visit the Jarun island that bears the name - the Island of Love.